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Personal Touch

Do you want to learn photography? or develop new skills to make better photos? Want to understand and master certain post processing styles?

I offer shooting sessions tailored on your needs. For more info, please email me via my contacts' page or drop me a message via Instagram or Twitter.

1 ON 1 SESSIONS costs vary based on what you are looking for and on the time we will spend together. You can choose from general landscape, evening photography, seascape or cityscape photography, black & white architecture. Anything is possible, just check my portfolio to see if you like my work and style.

Costs include both shooting and post processing tips. I will support you with your photos afterwards through email or social media. We can set a goal, like publish a photo on instagram or something else, if you prefer. A session will usually take from a couple of hours to half  day depending on what  you choose and the location. Typically we will visit  famous places in the Netherlands including Zaanse Schans, Kinderdijk, Marken, Haalrem, Amsterdam, Schoorl, Windmill locations, tulip fields and etc.

Our 1 ON 1  starts in the afternoon, shooting the sunset on in blue hour. For woodlands or mystical photos, we can meet very early in the morning before sun-rise. You prefer a different format, let's discuss. It is your call as I want to provide you with the best user experience.

Feel free to bring your partner without additional cost, it is for free.

Looking forward to shooting together


Zaanse Schans deep blue HDR

Virtual Touch

Is time a constrain? No problem, we can learn together via Skype, Zoom, or any other virtual platform. I can review your portfolio, provide development points, we can pick a photo together and then go for a virtual post processing walkthrough. 

The cost of a virtual 1ON 1 SESSION is from 45 EURO to 90 EURO, based on the number of hours we will spend together and the objective you want to achieve.

Intrigued, please contact me and let's see how I can  better help you

Keizersgracht Famous Cross
Forest lake
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