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About Me

I started to look into photography when I bought a Sony Nex 5 at the airport during one of my business trips in late 2011. The mirror-less DSLR really intrigued me and now I cannot think to go around without my camera. Since then I used only Sony cameras, today I owns few models with a wide set of lenses. Photography is a hobby for me though I am trying to build my quality portfolio.

I like experimenting in post-processing and my preferred shootings are landscapes, night scape & low lights scenes, city and architecture scape.  Recently I use digital blending, luminosity masks, focus stacking and HDR.  I use all the tools in camera and in the post-processing to depict the reality and the nature as my eyes and my mind see it. For me images need to be personal and bring you in another world and moment outside our time. I have limited time and therefore I need to make every shot count. I like to shoot at dawn and dusk but if I cannot I am okay to re-process the photo and creating my digital composition.  

I moved to Luminar and OnOne Raw software instead of the most used Lightroom and Photoshop. I believe that softwares today do a great work and my preferences suit my workflows the best. 

I hope that my portfolio shows improvements over time and happy to get feedback from whom is more expert than me.

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